17th Colloquium on Latin linguistics – Rome, May 20th – May 25th 2013

The location of the conference is CAMPUS X, a wide and modern residential district for students and scholars, close to all Tor Vergata University’s departments.

Campus X
Via di Passolombardo 341 – 00133 Roma

The schedule of the Colloquium will be finalized by 1st April 2013. At
the present we highlight the starting time of the Colloquium (1 p.m. ,
on Monday May 20th) and the final time (2 p.m., on Saturday 25th May).
After closing the Colloquium a free visit of the Musei Capitolini will
be organized.
The Colloquium will be held in the University Campus (located about 20
km far from Rome city center → http://www.campusxroma.it), except the
initial and final days (20th and 25th respectively), that will take
place in Rome city center: that is more convenient for arrivals and
departures.  The session of  Friday 24th will be held in Villa
Mondragone  (in Tusculano agro → www.villamondragone.it). In the
evening a social dinner will be organized there.  The  departure to
Villa Mondragone on Friday 24th May  morning will be  from the
University Campus and inversely as for the return travel in the night.